Who are you?

Go Native Erie! is an awareness campaign headquartered in the Tom Ridge Environmental Center and operated through the Regional Science Consortium. Founder Jen Salem is the Garden Coordinator for the Gardens at TREC.


Where are you located?

Our address is Tom Ridge Environmental Center c/o RSC, 301 Peninsula Drive, Suite 9, Erie, PA 16505


How can I contact Go Native Erie?

Contact us via email at gonativeerie@gmail.com .


Where do I purchase native plants in Erie County?

Our Nursery and Greenhouse Partners (Listed on our Partners Page) sell native plants. Check their websites or call them for specifics. Please consider using local growers for your plant purchases!


Are native cultivars (named varieties) okay to use?

Named varieties of native species, or cultivars are bred to display specific attributes. For example, our native purple coneflower is a mauve-purple color, however, many cultivars exist that are orange, red, white, yellow, green and even double petals, dwarf sizes or pom varieties. Since these cultivars are typically bred from natives, they should provide the same benefits to our environment and provide the consumer a wider variety.


What does the “spp.” refer to in your plant list?

It is a plural abbreviation of many individual species. For example, the genus for oaks is Quercus. Swamp white oak’s genus and species is Quercus bicolor. Willow oak is Quercus phellos and White oak is Quercus alba. If you are referring to many varieties of oaks, it could be abbreviated as Quercus spp.


How can I stop invasive species from spreading?

First, don’t knowingly buy or plant invasives. They are impossible to control, no matter your gardening expertise or experience. Never dig plants from roadsides or fields, and if you recognize an invasive growing on your property, remove it. Aquatic invasives can be slowed by mechanical removal and if you not longer wish to keep you aquarium plants, burn or bag and throw away living vegetation, don’t dump into storm sewers or natural waterways.


I’m a resident of Erie County, how can I help Go Native Erie?

Public support is very important to our program. Please sign up for our newsletter, look for our events and “like” us on facebook, www.facebook.com/gonativeerie .


I’m not a resident of Erie County, can I participate?

Sure! No matter where you live, native plants help every community! Please use our resources to help spread the work about native plants.



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