Rob Roy

Shipwreck: #C94925
Wreck Location:
GPS: 42 11.095 N 80 02.639 W (Erie Wrecks and Lights) 28 degrees (NNE 1/2 E) 2.84 miles from the fog bell located on the outer end of the north pier.

Rob roy 2

Ship Name:
Rob Roy

Type of Ship:
Sooner Barge

Ship Owner:
Canadian Steamship
Lines LTD.,
A.W. Hepburn,
Pincton, Ontario

Net Tonnage:

Year Built:
Pincton, Ontario, 1897

Ship Size:
144.0 x 31.0 x 10.3

Typical Cargo:

Date of Loss:
September 17, 1916

36ER0339 (

The Shipwreck Today:

The Rob Roy had left Erie on a run for Port Colbourne under tow of the tug Home Rule. After an hour, the Coast Guard Life Saving Station reported the Home Rule turned around to return to Erie when when Rob Roy foundered, or filled with water, and began to sink. The master of the barge, Alfred Dane, and his crew were taken aboard Home Rule and returned safely to shore. In subsequent testimony,  it was learned that the old barge was in poor repair. Her crew reported that she had been leaking badly even before she left port on her last trip. As the ship began to take on water that day, her pumps seized, making it impossible to save her.
(excerpt from Home Port Erie)

The wreck of the Barge Rob Roy, which foundered and sank in Lake Erie, off  Erie Harbor, September 17, 1916.

Port Colborne, Sept. 17. – The old wooden barge ROB ROY, in tow of the tug HOME RULE, foundered about five miles off Erie this morning in the strong southwest wind. There was no loss of life reported. The ROB ROY was loaded with coal for Port Colborne.

Buffalo Daily Courier
September 18, 1916
Maj. Frazier of the U. S. Corps of engineers stated yesterday that the wreck of the barge ROB ROY, which foundered and sank off Erie harbor Sunday morning, will be lighted by the owners and soundings will be taken over it as soon as the prevailing storm abates.

The ROB ROY was loaded with 600 tons of coal for Port Colborne. She is owned by the Canadian Steamship Lines Ltd. Her entire crew of ten men was rescued with considerable difficulty after she had sprung a leak and started to settle. Her mast remain sticking out of the water several feet and she will be a menace to navigation until lighted.

Buffalo Daily Courier
September 19, 1916
Barge ROB ROY. Official Canada No. 94925. Of 341 tons Reg. Built Picton, Ont., 1897. Home port, Picton, Ont. 144.0 x 31.0 x 10.3 Owned by A.W. Hepburn, of Picton, Ont.


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